How to Choose the Right High School

The high school years for your child can prove to be some of the most challenging, but they are certainly the most important. It’s here they will create the lasting foundation for a successful college stay. Through extracurricular activities to the best high school medical program experience, each aspect will help your child find their passions. You’ll need to choose a school both supportive and high ranking.


Choose a school with a historical mission of commitment to its students. It must not only be clearly stated, but easily accessible to students and parents. Look for rankings in regards to college admissions, test scores and faculty awards. These items point to a history of excellence.


Classroom Makeup

Consider the teacher to student ratio to ensure your child is receiving the necessary attention. Additionally, you’ll need to be sure the classroom is setup in a way to ensure students are aimed for success. Lecture-style classrooms are ideal for those expecting students to listen and take notes, while clustered classrooms encourage students to work together.



Pay attention to the tone and style of the teaching staff. They should be welcoming and understanding, making your teenager feel prepared and excited to learn.


The Advantages of Tutoring for Your Child


As a parent, you want your child to have an excellent education and to gain as much knowledge as possible. Education, after all, is the foundation of success for so many different parts of life.

To your dismay, however, your child has been struggling in school. He has been bringing how poor grades, is getting frustrated and wants nothing to do with school. What can you do to help? Well, the answer could be to hire a private tutor. Not sure that your child will benefit from tutoring services? Here’s a look at the benefits that the best local tutoring center can provide for your child:

  • Your child will experience less distractions while receiving instruction from a tutor. With fewer distractions, your child will be able to concentrate on the information that is being presented to him, which could have a hugely positive impact on his academic success.
  • Your child will receive individualized attention from his tutor. Many times, all a child needs to really understand a concept is individualized attention. His tutor will be able to identify the things that are really troubling him and will be able to modify instruction to make information easier to understand.

Paying For College



We all want our children to have a college education but paying for it gets more and more daunting each year as schools continue to jack up tuition prices. Even at a public, in-state school you’ll probably be expected to pay around $20,000 a year. Student loans are an option but one that should be avoided if at all possible if you don’t want your child graduation tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Student loans constantly have their interest raised and cannot be discharged through bankruptcy or forgiven for any reason except death. Harsh to say the least. If your child is an infant, it’s the perfect time to start a college fund for him or her. A 529 plan college savings account is a great start. Once you’re in the habit of adding money to it each month, you’ll see it really start to grow.


Are your kids older and you’re just now worrying about how to pay for college? Make sure they are getting great grades and are involved in extracurricular activities. This can help them get some generous scholarships. They should also get a job as soon as they are old enough and get one while in college. Most schools have work study programs just for this purpose!

Benefits of a Boys’ School

As a parent, you want a school that can ensure your son’s success. If you are looking into private, religious schools for your son, you want to choose the best local Catholic high school for boys. Here are the benefits of a boys’ school.



When a school is focused only on boys, all the lessons and activities will be geared for the needs of the boys exclusively.  With no girls to worry about or to distract, each boy will discover who he really is and have the freedom to try new things. This exploration can be done without fear of judgment or teasing from girls.


Different Learning Styles

Boys and girls do not think or learn in the same way. With same sex education, the curriculum is geared for only the one sex which makes it more effective. Teachers will also be more successful because they understand how boys learn.


Stereotypes Break Down

Society has very strong stereotypes for males and females. Many of these are not productive to developing healthy attitudes towards male and female roles. Trying to fit it with what society thinks a boy should do is replaced with learning about values like teamwork, character and friendship.

Your Options For Your Child’s Education

Every child is different and, therefore, will have different learning outcomes when attending school. Make sure that you go over all of your child’s options before enrolling him in any institution because the education that he receives is sure to stick with him for the rest of his life.


Private School

An increasing number of parents are putting their kids in a private prep school because of the level of education that it provides. These schools follow an advanced curriculum that does an extremely good job of preparing the students for university. In addition, the class sizes are usually small when compared to public school and, therefore, you child will be able to work more directly with her instructors.


Public School

The vast majority of students in the United States attend public school. This schooling is paid for by the taxpayers and, as a result, is by far the most accessible form of education. There are public schools everywhere, so you won’t have much trouble finding one for your children.


Home School

Some parents choose to teach their children from home. This isn’t viable for every family, but it does allow parents to spend more time with their children and for the children to receive as much assistance as they need. The main drawback is that home schooled children tend to fall behind their peers socially.


Pursuing Higher Education with a Packed Schedule

There’s no denying the fact that you need to earn more money. After rent, utilities and various other bills, you’re essentially cleaned out for the month. However, in order to find a higher paying job, you’ll need to return to school – which is easier said than done. Working fulltime and raising a family doesn’t leave time for much else. Fortunately, the following tips can help even the most time-strapped individual find the time to pursue higher education.


Pursue an Online Degree

Over the last decade, online degrees have become increasing popular – and for good reason. You can complete the course work and take the corresponding exams on your own time. So after putting the kids to bed and settling in for the evening, students can simply turn on their computers and start their daily classes.


Seek Financial Assistance

If you want to take time off work to attend college, look into obtaining a government grant. Availability varies from state to state, but many parts of the country offer generous grants to both first-time and returning students.

The longer you put off pursuing higher education, the harder it’s ultimately going to be. However, by earning your degree online or seeking state-funded financial assistance, you’ll be paving the way for a bright future.